Super Bowl Health Tips

dac11d9b-9686-4a7e-a1f7-0f9851bdc8b5Many people start the year off great and then the Super Bowl comes and then they fall completely off the wagon. Tacos, wings, chili, pizza, dips, chips and all that diet busting stuff looking you straight in the face saying “eat me”. There are a few ways to approach your Super Bowl party that I would like to share with you to help you be successful.

Try to make it a healthy Super Bowl party. If your party is at your house, learn all the simple, tasty ways to make your unhealthy favorites into great healthy dishes. I tell all of our clients to bring me their favorite family recipes and I will show them a way to tweak them into a healthy delicacy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human just like you. I like the worst of the worst, but I do a good balancing act. Unfortunately, many are too addicted to these foods and don’t know how to make the changes, nor love or know how to exercise like I do. I love to take my favorites like spicy chicken penne, and create a healthy version. You can do this with any recipe imaginable, you just have to learn. All the foods mentioned in the first paragraph have a clean version.

Bring a dish of your own that you know is healthy and focus on eating that along with the fruit and veggies. Nobody is going to say, “Stop eating your own dish, that’s rude.” No one pays attention to who brings what, unless you bring nothing. If you must drink, try Bud Select which only has 55 calories, Michelob Ultra, or MGD 64 calorie beer, and only have a couple. A straight shot of tequila can be one of the best ways to drink with the least damage to the mid-line. A straight form of booze such as vodka or whiskey on the rocks with a lemon slice is an option as well. Sip and savor and remember to not overdo because alcohol will definitely not show you results on the scale.

Have a small portioned plate at the beginning of the party. Grazing all game long will pile up the calories like the Panthers are going to pile up the score on the Broncos. Just kidding, I couldn’t care less if either one of these teams win. Someday, my dream will come true again and I will see the Packers win another Super Bowl.

Know yourself – If you’re kicking butt and don’t want to get off track watch from home and don’t go to the party. If you know you can’t handle the peer pressure or will cave to the temptation, stay home. It’s America and you can do what you want.

Here are some decent quick snacks for your party that won’t get you off track:

  • Baked scoops or organic corn chips with no salt added with:
    • Fresh salsa
    • Healthy guacamole
    • Hummus
    • Healthy bean dip
  • Rotisserie chicken and remove the skin and eat the white meat
  • Fresh olives with plain Triscuits
  • La Tortilla Factory tortillas with natural turkey, Laughing Cow light cheeses
  • Air popped popcorn with healthy oils – and MSG free seasoning
  • Coco or cinnamon coated almonds from Target – the little 100 cal packs
  • Light string cheeses
  • Healthy kebabs on the grill with any lean meat and veggies
  • Kashi pizza
  • Chicken sausage from Sam’s ClubTWITTER_panthers
  • Fresh fruit and veggies with hummus
  • Reduced fat cottage cheese
  • Nut thins
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with 100% whole wheat bread
  • Pork tenderloin, sirloin steak, salmon, or any lean meat on the grill
  • Healthy salad with “Just Add Lettuce” dressing
  • Pure Protein bars, Think Thin, or Detour Low Sugar protein bars
  • Frozen fruit smoothies with protein powder
  • Brown rice cakes with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • If you have our program binder there are many other quick and easy recipes – email me for my party favorites.

Have a great time and keep your goals front and center and you will do fine.


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