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Imagine a life filled with wonderful, joyful memories after you successfully become pregnant and deliver a happy and healthy baby.  The frustration of infertility is so stressful and affects every aspect of your life, but there is hope and here’s the best news…. The solution does not typically involve invasive and expensive procedures like IVF or extreme hormone manipulation.  The most common cause of female infertility (over 70%) is also the most common hormonal issue among females called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Our clinic uses a functional medicine approach to this condition utilizing lifestyle changes, detoxification, stress assessment and adaptation, hormonal balancing, food allergy treatment, gut restoration and reversal of autoimmune disease if this is present.

  1. Why has no one else discussed this common infertility cause with you?

Most physicians have limited experience in hormonal issues and don’t have the advanced training to both diagnose this condition and adequately reverse it.

  1. What can be done to reverse it?

Rejuv uses a comprehensive lifestyle program with educational curriculum. We also add the benefit of a coach to keep you accountable for making changes in your diet, exercise, stress control, detoxification and hormone balancing. We use herbal preparations as well an natural hormones to get your body back into balance.

  1. What else do you do for infertility?

Rejuv tests for thyroid dysfunction in a way few medical professionals understand, eliminate potential food intolerances, heal your digestive system, teach you about potential toxic substances that affect your fertility every day that you can avoid and utilize a cutting edge assessment for autoimmune disease to your reproductive system and if present reverse it.

  1. What are the symptoms of PCOS?

Irregular or absent menstrual cycles, hair loss on the scalp and excessive hair growth all over, acne and oily skin, belly fat, depression or mood swings, infertility, high or low sex drive, high blood pressure, high lipids, insulin resistance leading to sugar and carb cravings, skin tags or darkened skin around neck / elbows, irritable bowel, joint pain, sleep issues, obstructive sleep apnea

  1. What about Men?

Men need to be part of the lifestyle changes as well as the hormonal balancing.  Men need to reverse pre diabetes, check testosterone levels, detoxify, exercise, heal digestive system, eliminate food intolerances, control stress and reverse autoimmune issues that will be assessed in both partners utilizing state of the art testing from Cyrex labs.