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My name is John Baird and I’m a medical doctor from Louisville, Kentucky. I grew up here in Louisville in a middle-class household where family was extremely important. My father was a construction worker and a football coach. He also had an organic garden which is how I first became interested in holistic healing.

I completed a BA in Biology at the University of Louisville. Then I attended the Louisville School of Medicine and the Medical College of Virginia. I’ve been Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 1996. I became Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine through the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) in 2015. I’ve seen over 10,000 patients with difficult to treat chronic health conditions, including thyroid disease.

I worked as a teaching attending MD at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, and later I was the Medical Director of a private rehab unit in Richmond, Virginia. I opened my own private practice in Louisville, KY, which specialized in difficult to treat diagnosed disorders. I was the first medical doctor in Louisville to integrate alternative or functional medicine with a standard type of medical practice.

I began to focus on functional medicine because I realized the limitations of what I’d been taught in medical school. The testing, medication and surgery I was trained on didn’t work well for everyone—especially the patients I was seeing who had chronic health conditions. They didn’t get any better. Around age 30, I developed adrenal fatigue and I learned first-hand, standard medical care couldn’t help my condition, either. I had to go deeper out of necessity.

I studied and became certified in osteopathy and acupuncture, and I took functional medicine courses. I learned how to help patients through natural hormone replacement therapy. Functional endocrinology, like functional medicine, made a lot of sense. I’d found a different way of evaluating people. I had solutions for patients suffering with chronic health problems like thyroid disease. I could help them even if they’d already been to five other doctors and nothing else had worked for them.

Today my passion is uncovering the root cause of chronic thyroid conditions, so I can help my patients heal and recover. I do this by combining the best of both worlds–conventional medicine and functional medicine.

Partnerig with my patients—really getting to know them–is a great joy for me. I’m compassionate by nature and find listening and developing relationships with the people I work with extremely rewarding. Nothing compares with being able to provide hope and solutions to those who have nowhere left to turn.

If you continue to suffer with thyroid symptoms, it’s easy to find out if we may be able to help you. Call (502) 785-7480 to schedule your free consultation.




To restore the body through evidence based treatments and reverse the impact of disease and degeneration.


Our attitude, behavior and decisions are guided by our Core Values and faith based morals.

Trustworthy: We are dependable and always work to wow our clients, patients and co-workers.

Excellence: We strive to provide the best and expect the best.

Accountability: We accept responsibility to better ourselves and Rejuv as a whole.

Mastery: We focus on continuous improvement and evidence based practices.

Resourceful: We pursue new creative ideas, appreciate diversity, and think outside the box.

Energetic: We value passion, determination and perserverance.

Joyful: We encourage a fun atmosphere; a place where we can laugh together.

Unity: With respect and integrity, we work synergistically together.

Virtuous: We are free from pride and arrogance as we put others first.