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“Personalizing Medicine to Optimize Function”

Our clinic is a truly transformative experience where the focus is on optimizing health by finding the root cause of illness. Replenish your vitality, vanquish your pain, experience boundless energy, transform your body, regain your ideal body weight, optimize your hormones, strengthen your bones, regenerate your joints, uplift your moods, rev up your sex life,  reverse the effects of aging, prevent the most common diseases related to aging and change your lifestyle towards a life better than you can imagine. Utilizing cutting edge stem cell therapy, physical medicine therapeutics, individualized hormonal balancing, integrative functional medicine, comprehensive prolotherapy, medical fitness and lifestyle modification. We educate you on the key aspects of health and wellness so that you will ultimately understand what it requires for you to live a long, healthy fulfilled life.

Come see us at 9204 Taylorsville Road Suite 206 Louisville, KY.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy
Medical Weight Loss
Reversing PCOS and Infertility
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Healthy4Life Lifestyle Programs

“I was not having any success with trying to improve my health and lose weight on my own.  I was looking for a holistic approach to accomplish my goals and I now have HOPE that a better life and lifestyle are attainable.  I no longer feel condemned to live with my current health – health is dynamic and I can change mine for the better.”

– Susanne B.

“I initially came to Rejuv for weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. I have lost 35 pounds since I first saw Dr. Baird and I now have a lot more energy and muscular strength. I don’t limp nearly as much and my muscle pain is GONE!”

– Todd S.

“I initially came to Rejuv for weight loss, decreased energy, and overall general health. After being in the program for 4 months, I am now more active, have lost weight, and feel 100% better!”

– Rick B.

“I was attracted to this clinic because of fatigue, tiredness, sleepiness, and depression. I was happy to learn about non-prescription drug solutions to my problems and how important diet is to my overall health and well-being. I’m very happy I am in this program. I now have better energy and stamina and a much better understanding of how my body works. This helps me make better decisions for my future health.”

– Barbara A.

“I very much recommend Rejuv. I wish more of my friends would get involved because health is really important. Happiness in life is worth more than some of the things we spend our money on. This program is well worth my investment, I feel. I am glad that I attended the seminar! I have several medical problems that have been made better since coming to Rejuv. I’m very pleased with their program and I recommend it very highly.”

– Mary B.

“I came to Rejuv Medical because I wanted to feel better, sleep better, and live better. I didn’t accomplish weight loss initially because I had hypothyroidism. I am now beginning to lose weight and exercising more. I now shop for organic foods. Before Rejuv I wasn’t willing to pay more for organic. My overall lifestyle has improved because I use bio-identical hormones, meditate, exercise, and eat much better than I did before Rejuv.”

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Functional Medicine

Feeling tired, fatigued, and sluggish all the time? Do you feel that your body hurts constantly, but cannot seem to find answers as to why this is happening? Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of the problems you are faced with. We focus on the adrenal glands, hormone levels, the digestive system, and the toxicities entering your body to find a solution to bring healing to your body. Learn More

Hormone Optimization

If you suffer from depression, hair loss, anxiety, food cravings, poor sleep, lack of motivation, weight gain with inability to lose it no matter how hard you try, loss of sex drive or brain fog your hormones  may be to blame.  If you are ready to rejuvenate your life then seeing one of our experts in hormone optimization may unlock the key to your ideal health. Learn More

Medical Weight Loss

In the past, weight loss programs were based on one measurement only: pounds lost. Weight loss could have been from exercise, proper nutrition, or both. And it still is today; however, what we look at today from a clinical standpoint, is vastly changing as we move into the future. Rejuv Medical continues to forge ahead and blaze the trail as we set new standards in the Medical Fitness Industry. Learn More